Android Button – Remove Shadow and Border from Button with Image on it

We can remove the border and shadows from a button by adding the following style code in your activity_main.xml file. Or what ever your XML file is.


Code for button. We are setting an image as the background.


Comparison of buttons. One on the left still has the shadow on it

Difference between border and borderless buttons

More info here

Basic Docker commands

In the following commands, 367c7a1465ec = Docker container ID

Start/stop Docker service

systemctl start docker
systemctl stop docker

Automatically start docker on system boot

systemctl enable docker

List docker containers

sudo docker container list
sudo docker container list
367c7a1465ec        jacobalberty/unifi:latest   "/usr/loca/bin/dock…" 15 minutes ago      Up 14 minutes (healthy) unifi-controller

The bold part is your Docker container ID

List docker images on system

sudo docker images
sudo docker images
jacobalberty/unifi latest baebbe301633 9 days ago 711MB

Stop container

sudo docker stop 367c7a1465ec

Start container

sudo docker stop 367c7a1465ec

Remove/Delete a Docker Image

Need to stop the container first.

sudo docker rmi 367c7a1465ec

Inkscape – Center objects on page

Select the objects you want to center

Go to Object -> Align and Distribute… or Ctrl + Shift + A

In the right hand side you should get the Align and Distribue box. Make sure that “Treat selection as group” is selected if you want the objects to mantain the distance between themselves.

Hit the “Center on vertical axis” and “Center on horizontal axis”