Top 8 Nmap options

Here are 8 excellent Nmap options, what they do, and why you would use them.

Most of the options can be run together. You will normally want to perform scans with administrator or root privileges.

OptionWhat is doesWhy you would use
1.-snNo port scanHelpful for quickly discovering hosts that are up
2.-iL file.lstScan IP addresses in file.lstHelpful if you already have a list IP addresses to scan
3. -nSkip reverse DNS lookupThis can help speed up scanning
4.-PnPretend host is upUse when hosts have Ping disabled. e.g. Windows
5. -OOS detectionUse to detect OS version
6.-T4Speed up scanIncreases scan speed (Default is -T3)
7.-AAggressive scan optionsShorthand option. Enables OS detection (-O), version Scanning (-sV), script scanning (-sC), and runs a traceroute
8.-oA filenameSave output to ALL formatsThis saves the output to separate files for XML and grepable formats
Nmap table: 8 common options.

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