Sonar Poller – PHP not installed

Had some problems where the Sonar Poller Stopped working. Think some packages got removed so trying to run

sudo php /opt/poller/bin/checkForUpgrades.php

Returned a php error that it was not installed. Installed it with all the other dependencies to fix the problem.

Note that php version is different then it is on the github page. php7.2-cli is installed instead of php7.0-cli.

sudo apt-get install php7.2-cli php-zip php-snmp php-sqlite3  php-bcmath php-mbstring php-dom git fping snmp redis-server monit ntp  snmp-mibs-downloader

Preseem – Monitor VLAN Passing Through Server

You can specify for Preseem to monitor a vlan by opening up the config file in

vi /etc/preseem/config.yaml

The parts in bold are what get added.

     addressSpace: default
       inspectDefault: false
           addressSpace: default
           inspect: true
           addressSpace: default
           inspect: true

In the above vlan 2 and 10 get added and should now be inspected.

Save the file and restart the services

systemctl restart preseem-netdev-manager.service 
systemctl restart preseem-node-manager.service 
systemctl restart preseem-health-manager.service 
systemctl restart preseem-telegraf.service 
systemctl restart preseem-system-stats-manager.service 

You’ll need to wait for it to update in the Preseem interface. May take a day for it to update and start reporting.