LineageOS Default Network Connections

This was a fairly simple test to see what network connections a fresh LineageOS install on a Google Pixel 5 makes. During the initial setup, GPS was disabled. After we set it up and got a base line, we turned GPS on to see what DNS requests it made.

Testing methodology.

  • A Computer was used as a Hotspot running both Network Miner 2.8 and Wireshark to log all network request
  • Pixel 5 was installed with the latest version of LineageOS 20 (August 2023)
  • Setup was completed without connecting to WiFi or a cellular network
  • There was no SIM card in while installing, setting up, or testing
  • After setup was complete, WiFi was connected to the computer running the Hotspot
  • After a base line was logged, we turned on GPS
  • GApps were not installed.

Fresh Install Network Requests

After setup was complete, we connected the Pixel 5 to the PC running NetworkMiner and Wireshark. It immediately made a handful of requests to the following 5 domain names

  5. is used to detect if the current network has internet and also to detect if there is a captive portal that you need to log into. would be to check the time and make sure it is correct.

Not sure what the extra 3 are used for. It is possible that is used for the Android System Intelligence, or some other app that comes by default on LineageOS.

The following NetworkMiner screenshot shows all the IP addresses that were returned for the DNS queries. Note that a DNS query can return multiple IP addresses for a domain name, and then the device only use one of those IP addresses to transmit traffic.

A couple of normal network broadcast, multicast, and gateway addresses are blurred out as they are normal for devices on a local network.

Here is a Wireshark screenshot for all the DNS requests.

Total bandwidth sent and received for each IP

Using Wireshark, we were able to get a total amount of data sent and received for each of the domains.

  1. – 12.976 KiB
  2. – 1.497 KiB
  3. 270 bytes
  4. – 21.883 KiB,
  5. – 16.225 KiB
  6. Total for Pixel 5 – 52.851 KiB

Turning on GPS

Turning on GPS immediately led to a connection to

The four lines are just different IP’s for the same domain.

From the Location settings, we can toggle on or off the “Use assisted GPS”.

The settings say the following about Assisted GPS “Download satellite assistance data from the internet which can greatly improve the GPS startup performance. For emergency calls, assisted GPS is always allowed”

Essentially, it will download some files that help your phone find satellites faster which will get you a faster GPS lock. Without it, it can take awhile to find your position.

During the initial setup (First screenshot below), you can toggle on/off Assisted GPS. By default, Android System Intelligence and the Browser are allowed to use Location.

Hopefully that is a helpful overview of the default LineageOS network connections and what some of them are used for.

Turn 3.5mm Jack on Raspberry Pi Running LineageOS 16

You will need an Android Terminal. You can turn on the default one in the developer settings. Need to turn on developer mode?

You will also need to enable root which can also be done in the Developer settings

Open up the terminal app and run


More info here

Installing LineageOS on Raspberry Pi B+

Download LineageOS

Download the unofficial LineageOS 16 build from the following page


Unzip the file with

unzip ~/Downloads/

Write to SD Card

Either use the instructions on the following link to write it to the SD card

Or use DD

WARNING! Make sure “/dev/mmcblk0” is the correct SD Card. Refer to here if you need to locate the path for the SD Card.

sudo dd if=~/Downloads/lineage-16.0-20200207-UNOFFICIAL-KonstaKANG-rpi3.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1M status=progress

Plug you SD Card into your Pi and boot it up.

Installing LineageOS 17 Android 10 on Pixel

Download twrp from here
Download LineageOS 17 from here

Boot phone to boot menu then fastboot twrp

sudo fastboot boot Downloads/twrp-3.3.0-0-sailfish.img

Wipe to factory defaults

Side load LineageOS Android 10 from the Advanced page on TWRP

adb sideload Downloads/ 

Reboot and setup.

LineageOS Updater crashing when trying to install update

The LineageOS Updater downloads updates fine, but crashes as soon as you hit Install.

Looks like there may be a bug that has something to do with an update that it already downloaded and installed, but waiting on the device to reboot.

Reboot the device to resolve the issue.

Other things to try would include deleting and redownloading the update and/or trying a different update.

Install LineageOS on Google Pixel (Sailfish)

Just some notes on trying to install LineageOS on Google Pixel.

Basic install steps

  1. Unlock bootloader
  2. Boot into TWRP
  3. Wipe System and format
  4. Push LineageOS zip via adb (or other methods)
  5. Install LineageOS zip
  6. (Optional) Reboot back into TWRP and install Gapps
  7. Reboot (should boot into Lineage.  If not, try changing a/b)

Lineage 15 Official

Install guide is here.  Here are some extra notes.

Google Recovery Images (Helpful if you didn’t create a backup…)

LineageOS Download link

Lineage OS 16 Unofficial

Helpful Links

Other Notes

ADB and fastboot should be in the following directory.  May need to install them if they are not.

cd %userprofile%\appdata\local\Android\Sdk\platform-tools

Boot TWRP image using fastboot.  Run from the bootloader menu, should automatically load.

fastboot boot twrp.img

Seems like there can be some issues with the Pixel and it swapping A/B on boot.  You can use TWRP to reboot into A or B, or set it with fastboot

fastboot --set-active=b

Apparently a/b devices will show up as no os installed in TWRP

TWRP says no OS installed, system boot loops
byu/jhsbane inLineageOS

Backup and restore

You can use adb to create a backup of your phone.  Not sure what all it backs up.  Once restored pictures, background, and other files seem to be there.

Backup with

adb backup -apk -shared -all -f \Path\to\folder\backup_name.ab

Restore backup with

adb restore \Path\to\folder\backup_name.ab