Install Chia Madmax plotter on RedHat/CentOS/Fedora

Installing Madmax plotter on Fedora/CentOS8/AlmaLinux etc is fairly easy, but doesn’t have instructions on the GitHub page for CentOS 8 or later.

Install dependencies

First we need to install the following dependencies

sudo dnf install gmp-devel libsodium libsodium-static 

Install MadMax

Now we can proceed to install Madmax like normal.

git clone 
cd chia-plotter 
git submodule update --init 
sudo mv build/chia_plot /usr/bin 

Run Madmax with

chia_plot --help

How to setup a Chia Harvester on Windows

The following instructions are for setting up a Windows computer as a Chia Harvester.


Before we get started you will need the following

  1. Have a current Chia farmer
  2. You will need the \ca folder from your main farmer.
  3. IP address of your Chia farmer

The ca folder should be located in


You should be able to copy and paste the above in File Explorer. Copy the ca folder to a USB drive or share it via a network share.

Setting up harvester

  1. Copy the ca folder to an easily accessible place on your harvester
  2. Install Chia from
  3. Close chia
  4. Open PowerShell and paste the cfollowing commands in. Change the sections in bold to reflect your settings/options
cd $env:APPDATA..\local\chia-blockchain\app-1.2.5\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon
.\chia.exe init -c D:\ca\
.\chia.exe stop all
.\chia.exe configure --set-farmer-peer
.\chia.exe configure --enable-upnp false
.\chia.exe plots add -d D:\   
.\chia.exe start harvester -r

Check the main Farmer to verify the Harvester connected.

How To Install MadMAx Plotter on Ubuntu 20.04

Flexpool has some excellent steps on how to get started and also on installing MadMAx

The one caveat is that on Ubuntu 20.04 you’ll need to install cmake

sudo apt install cmake

Then you can install and run MadMAx with

git clone 
cd chia-plotter 
git submodule update --init 
sudo mv build/chia_plot /usr/bin

Now you can create a plot by running the chia_plot command.

chia_plot -n 1 -t /path/to/tmp/ -d /chia/destination -c p2singletonaddressorpoolcontractaddress -f biglongfarmerpublickey

Note that if you are plotting on a harvester that the p2 singleton or the pool contract address does not have to be on the harvester system. You can grab it off the main node and then use the address on the machine plotting.

Upgrade to the latest version of Chia on Ubuntu

While upgrading Chia on Linux is not as simple as on Windows, it is still relatively easy.

First we need to stop the Chia service

Open up a terminal, navigate to the chia-blockchain folder, and stop the services

cd chia-blockchain
. ./activate
chia stop -d all

Now we will need to download the latest files using git.

git fetch
git checkout latest
git reset --hard FETCH_HEAD

Now that we have the latest files, we can install the new version.

. ./activate
chia init

Upgrade GUI

Upgrading the GUI is similar to the above process. Should be able to copy and paste the following commands.

cd chia-blockchain-gui
git fetch
cd ..
chmod +x ./
cd chia-blockchain-gui
npm run electron &

The last command will launch Chia GUI.

Quick Chia Command list

Here are some commands that I have found helpful when using chia.

Find and count all plots on a system. Helpful if you have a machine plotting and want to know how many plot files you have

find /mnt/ /media/ ~/ -name *.plot 2>/dev/null | grep -v tmp | grep -c . && echo "Plots found"

Create Plots with Masted Keys. You will need the keys from the master node.

chia plots create -t /media/user/plotdrivetmp -d /media/user/plotdrive -f biglongublicfarmerkeyag934gh3bh3h4 -p biglongpoolpublickey129gmc2390243t-gg49

Start or restart Chia Harvester

chia start harvester -r

How to setup a Chia Harvester on Ubuntu

A Chia Harvest is a computer that farms Chia and connects back to a Master Node. You can almost think of it like the Master Node being a Pool and the harvesters as nodes on that “pool”. In this post we’ll talk about setting up a Chia Harvester on Ubuntu. Shouldn’t matter which version of Ubuntu. LTS or the latest should work fine.

Do note that we do not need the gui installed for this to work. Refer to this post to install Chia

Note: In the following commands we are assuming that the Chia directory is in your home “~/” directory on the harvester. Change the path if different.

Before we start you will need the ca directory from your Main/Master node uploaded or accessible to your Ubuntu harvester. You can get the CA directory from the following locations on Windows and Linux.

On Linux


On Windows


You should be able to copy and paste the following path into Explorer to get to the correct directory.

Copy Chia ca directory

Copy this folder onto your Desktop, thumbdrive, network share, just some place you can access it.

Upload ca folder

You can use scp to upload the ca folder of the Harvester. In the following example we put the ca directory on our Windows desktop and we are uploading to our harvesters home directory.

scp -r Desktop\ca user@

Activate Chia

The rest of the commands are run on the harvester. You can either ssh or physically log into it. If Chia was installed in a different directory, then you will need to change the path.

cd chia-blockchain 
. ./activate

Configure Harvester

You should be able to copy and paste all the following commands in, change the parts in bold as needed.

The –set-farmer-peer option is your main node’s ip address.

chia init -c ~/ca
chia stop all
chia configure --set-farmer-peer
chia configure --enable-upnp false
chia plots add -d /media/user/plotdrive/
chia start harvester -r

Should be all set. You can check the Main Node to verify that the harvester is connecting.

Important Notes:
UPNP needs to be turned off. It can cause problems if there are multiple wallets running on a local network that both have upnp on.

Add your plot drive locations. We need something to harvest :)

Verify that the Linux user can write to the Chia Plot drives

The following command will give the ubuntu user write access to the drive. Change the path to your drive.

sudo chmod ugo+wx /media/username/your_drive

Creating Plots

Create plots by specifying the Farmer Public Key and the Pool Public Key. You can get these from the Main Node. Plan on adding info on how to retrieve that info soon.

chia plots create -t /media/user/plotdrivetmp -d /media/user/plotdrive -f biglongublicfarmerkeyag934gh3bh3h4 -p biglongpoolpublickey129gmc2390243t-gg49

The following link has more information.