Upgrade to the latest version of Chia on Ubuntu


While upgrading Chia on Linux is not as simple as on Windows, it is still relatively easy.

First we need to stop the Chia service

Open up a terminal, navigate to the chia-blockchain folder, and stop the services

cd chia-blockchain
. ./activate
chia stop -d all

Now we will need to download the latest files using git.

git fetch
git checkout latest
git reset --hard FETCH_HEAD

Now that we have the latest files, we can install the new version.

sh install.sh
. ./activate
chia init

Upgrade GUI

Upgrading the GUI is similar to the above process. Should be able to copy and paste the following commands.

cd chia-blockchain-gui
git fetch
cd ..
chmod +x ./install-gui.sh
cd chia-blockchain-gui
npm run electron &

The last command will launch Chia GUI.

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