Install Chia Blockchain on Ubuntu

Chia is a new kinda of Crypto Currency that instead of using PoW (Proof of Work) it uses Proof of Space and Time which ends up using hard drive space to “mine” farm.

Install Chia Blockchain

You can copy and paste all of these commands in a terminal.

sudo apt update -y
sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo apt install -y git
git clone -b latest --recurse-submodules

cd chia-blockchain
. ./activate
chia init

The . ./activate command is needed to be able to run the chia commands. I believe it sources into the current shell so the commands work correctly.

Install Chia Blockchain Gui

After you have run the above commands, do the following to install the Chia Gui

chmod +x ./
cd chia-blockchain-gui
npm run electron &

Launching Gui after it is installed

In the future for launching the Gui you should be able to copy and paste the following commands in.

cd chia-blockchain 
. ./activate
cd chia-blockchain-gui
npm run electron &

You can also put all of the above commands into a bash shell script and then just run the script instead of having to run the commands all over again every time you want to launch the gui.

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