How to Read git Object File Without git?

Git object files are a zlib compressed data file type.

We can check this by running the file command. “6ae4147121f0165e7c0e309bad649c2c4d3a55” is our git file of interest.

$ file 6ae4147121f0165e7c0e309bad649c2c4d3a55
6ae4147121f0165e7c0e309bad649c2c4d3a55: zlib compressed data

The above link has helpful information. Easiest way I found was to install zlib-flate by installing qpdf with apt.

sudo apt install qpdf

We can now use the zlib-flate command with the -uncompress option to decompress the file and print the contents.

$ zlib-flate -uncompress < 6ae4147121f0165e7c0e309bad649c2c4d3a55
var b64 = ("");