Give Ubuntu User Access to Run Docker?

By default on Debian based systems, Docker needs the sudo command to run. We can add a normal user to the Docker group so we don’t have to.

sudo usermod -aG docker username

Change out the username to your Ubuntu username.

The -a option means append the group to the username. It does not remove the user from current groups.
the -G option means add the specified group.

Delete anonymous MySQL user

Log into mysql

mysql -u root -p

List users

select User,Host from mysql.user;

Should return something like the following

MariaDB [mysql]> select User,Host from user;
| User | Host |
| root | |
| librenms | localhost |
| | localhost.localdomain |
3 rows in set (0.00 sec)
MariaDB [mysql]>

Delete anonymous user

Note that there are two single quotes ‘ before the @ sign, not a double quote “

drop user ''@'localhost.localdomain';

BASH Script to add new SFTP user and setup permissions

This script adds a new SFTP user with only sftp access.  Refer to this post on setting up a SFTP server.

Download script


Make executable

chmod +x

Run with the new user you want to create.

./ sftpUsername

You may need to edit the script and modify the location parameters.

# Automatically setup and add SFTP user
# Script creates new user and setups permissions
if grep -q ${newUser} /etc/passwd ;then
echo ${newUser} Already exsists. Aborting!
exit 1
mkdir -p ${sftpDir}/${newUser}/files
useradd -g sftpusers -d ${sftpDir}/${newUser}/files -s /sbin/nologin ${newUser}
passwd ${newUser}
chown ${newUser}:sftpusers /sftp/CareMark/files