View Fiber SFP details in Mikoritk RouterOS

Quick and simple way to check the details on a fiber SFP on a Mikrotik router. Replace sfp1_name with the SFP name or leave out the name and select a number.

/interface ethernet monitor "sfp1_name"


                      name: sfp1
                    status: link-ok
          auto-negotiation: done
               full-duplex: yes
           tx-flow-control: no
           rx-flow-control: no
        sfp-module-present: yes
               sfp-rx-loss: no
                  sfp-type: SFP-or-SFP+
        sfp-connector-type: LC
       sfp-link-length-9um: 3000m
           sfp-vendor-name: UBNT
    sfp-vendor-part-number: UF-SM-1G-S
         sfp-vendor-serial: FL31F80285729
    sfp-manufacturing-date: 20-02-20
            sfp-wavelength: 1550.32nm
           sfp-temperature: 64C
        sfp-supply-voltage: 3.23V
       sfp-tx-bias-current: 30mA
              sfp-tx-power: -5.254dBm
              sfp-rx-power: -4.1dBm
           eeprom-checksum: good
                    eeprom: 0000: 01 02 03 00 00 00 00 00  00 00 00 .....