CPU stuck at 800Mhz or (.78Ghz)

Problem: CPU frequency is stuck at about 780 or 800mhz after waking up from sleep.

What causes the issue? Not sure what causes the issue, but seems to have something to do with unplugging the power adapter while putting to sleep or waking the system when it is pluged in after it was put to sleep on battery. Issue is random.

It appears that this issue can be temporarily resolved by disabling BD PROCHOT using ThrottleStop. Make sure the box is unchecked.

Download ThrottleStop from here

Things to try

Restart computer
Unplug and plug the power adapter in while computer is on
Put to sleep, plug or unplug power adapter, rewake up
Some other combination of the above.

More Info


Turn on Dell Poweredge PSU without server – A930P

Being able to turn a server power supply on without having it plugged into the server can be super beneficial.  You can use it to power electronics like GPU’s and they are usually really cheap.

The Instructions are for an A930P 930W server power supply.  More detailed information is available at the following couple of links.



To power on the PSU, wire the pins highlighted with Blue and Green

The two pins highlighted Orange will slow the fan down.

Or by using the numbering from the picture below.

Wire pins A1 to B1 and Pins B6 to D6.

Fan is pin B2 and can be wired to B3 to decrees the fan speed to make it quieter.


You can now run stuff off of the 12 volt output.