Install NVIDIA 510 driver (LHR Bypass) on CentOS/Fedora for Mining

Download NVIDIA 510 Driver

Download driver from here (Official Link) or with wget.


If the above link doesn’t work, you can download a copy from this site with the following.


Extract with

tar zxf ./

Verify Driver (Optional)

Not a bad idea to check if you downloaded from an untrusted source.


The Hash should equal


Install NVIDIA Driver

We can now install the NVIDIA driver with the following command.

sudo ./

It will have a couple of prompts that are easy to walk through.

While installing the driver, it can try to blacklist Nouveau, if it runs into issues, try running the following, reboot, and run the install again.

sudo gruby --update-kernel=ALL --args="nouveau.modeset=0"

After driver is installed, reboot your machine.

Now download a copy of your favorite mining software and enjoy the extra Mhs…