How to Extract UniFi AP firmware

Make sure you have binwalk installed

sudo apt install binwalk

Download the firmware from Ubiquiti’s website

We’ll need to extract the images a couple of times

binwalk -e 6.5.54.bin
cd ./_6.5.54.bin.extracted
binwalk -e 50FEE 
cd _50FEE.extracted/ 
binwalk -e 3C7CC4

The last binwalk will extract the actual file system.

cd _3C7CC4.extracted/cpio-root  

Use Binwalk to extract Ubiquiti Firmware

Download some Ubiquiti firmware


Run binwalk with the -e option to extract the binary file

binwalk -e ./WA.v8.7.11.46972.220614.0420.bin

Binwalk should create a _WA.v8.7.11.46972.220614.0420.bin.extracted directory which we should be able to browse. The main “filesystem” is under squashfs-root.

# ls ./_WA.v8.7.11.46972.220614.0420.bin.extracted/squashfs-root
bin dev etc init lib mnt proc run sbin sys tmp usr var

Ubiquiti AirGateway Pro Firmware Download Link

Ubiquiti changed up their download pages and it appears that there is not a page to download the AirGateway Pro firmware.

The normal AirGateway and AirGateway LR use the same firmware. The Pro can use either 2.4 or 5Ghz frequencies and has a different firmware download.

When we search for AirGateway, we only find results for the regular and LR.

There is also no download link on either AirGateway page for the Pro.

Fortunately, we can copy the download link, and change the firmware name to download the Pro version. All we need to do is change “AirGW” to “AirGWP”

Here is the direct link.

Upgrade Firmware on Ubiquiti Airmax Equipment from the Command Line/SSH

Upgrading the firmware via the command line is super easy.  Basic steps are

  1. Upload firmware file to radio using ftp, scp, or download directly to radio using wget
  2. Move the firmware the /tmp and rename to fwupdate.bin
  3. Upgrade the firmware by running
ubntbox fwupdate.real -m fwupdate.bin

More Detail explanation

Downloading Firmware to Radio

There are a couple of ways to get the firmware uploaded to the radio

  1. Download from Ubiquiti’s website and upload via ftp, scp, filezilla or like
  2. Download directly to the radio using wget

Using wget

ssh into the radio.  Change username and ip address as needed.

ssh ubnt@

cd to the /tmp directory

cd /tmp

Find the firmware file on Ubiquiti’s website, accept the terms, copy the link and paste the link in the terminal after wget.  Replace the below link with the appropriate firmware link.


Installing Firmware

Rename firmware

mv *.bin fwupdate.bin

Start the upgrade

ubntbox fwupdate.real -m fwupdate.bin

The radio will now upgrade and reboot

Another Method.  Using the script

Another way to upgrade a radios firmware from the command line is to use the UBNTMOD tool.  More info on the UBNTMOD script is available here.

Make sure you have the firmware downloaded to your computer and run with the “-U” upgrade option.


bob@localhost:~$ ./ -i -U WA.v8.4.2.35930.171017.1722.bin