How to Extract UniFi AP firmware

Make sure you have binwalk installed

sudo apt install binwalk

Download the firmware from Ubiquiti’s website

We’ll need to extract the images a couple of times

binwalk -e 6.5.54.bin
cd ./_6.5.54.bin.extracted
binwalk -e 50FEE 
cd _50FEE.extracted/ 
binwalk -e 3C7CC4

The last binwalk will extract the actual file system.

cd _3C7CC4.extracted/cpio-root  

2 thoughts on “How to Extract UniFi AP firmware

  1. Hey.

    You know if this works for unifi UVC firmware as well? Trying to find all attributes to use for /tmp/system.cfg so I can enable RTSP. My storage is corrupt on some cameras so cant store anything in persistant..

    • It should, you will just need to change the image name/paths. If you have a working camera, you could enable RTSP and then ssh to view the config options.

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