Checking Email Blacklist and Getting Delisted

What do you do when your email server has been blacklisted and you are unable to send emails to certain domains? It’s best to be proactive and not get on the blacklists in the first place, but in the unfortunate event you do get blacklisted, here are some notes.

Checking Blacklists

First thing is we need to see which lists we are on. There are a couple of services that check multiple blacklists

These should give you an idea of which ones we need to go request a delisting. (,

AT&T is tricky as they don’t have an online site to show if you are blacklisted or not. They don’t seem very responsive and it can take awhile.

Send an email to “” with your Mail Server IP address, the domain and ask to be delisted. You should get an auto-reply and then they usually will do something about it in 24-48 hours

More information below

Other Blacklist

These are all fairly straight forward to check out. Some of them you will need to enter in an email, or maybe set up an account, others are as simple as requesting the IP to be delisted.

cPanel/WHM – Apache SpamAssassin add Domain to Blacklist or Whitelist from SSH Command Line

The domains are stored in the “~/.spamassassin/user_prefs” config file.

To blacklist a domain just add it to the config file.

blacklist_from *

To whitelist, change blacklist to whitelist

whitelist_from *

Save and exit the file.