Restore Zenoss 5 from backup

What you need.

  1. Zenoss backup
  2. Access to Control Center
  3. Ability to edit /etc/default/serviced

First upload you Zenoss 5 backup file, to the “/opt/serviced/var/backps/” directory on the new Zenoss server.  Create the directory if it does not exist.

Once the backup file is on the New Zenoss server you will see it listed in the Control Panel’s Backup/Restore tab, you can try to restore it, but if it fails you will need to do the following.

Edit the serviced file “/etc/default/serviced” and uncomment the following line. i.e.(Delete the hash symbol at the beginning of the line).


Now go to the Control Center, and click restore to start restoring your backup.

It’ll take a little bit to pull the docker images, and get everything setup.  In the mean time you could setup your hosts file so you can access Zenoss once it is restored.  Refer to this guide under “Setting up name resolution”

Once the Control Center is finished restoring Zenoss, go to the Applications tab, and start the Zenoss Core.