How to Create a LVM Logical Volume in Linux

First we need to create the Physical Volume.  Change “/dev/sda2” to your drive.

pvcreate /dev/sda2

Next we create the Volume Group.  You can change “VGname” to something else if you so desire.

vgcreate VGname /dev/sda2

And finally, create the Logical Volume.

lvcreate -l %100FREE -n home VGname

The above command will create a Logical Volume that uses all the free space avaliable in the Volume Group.  If you want the Logical Volume to be a specific size,  change “-l 100%FREE” to “-L 60G”.  Where “60G” is the size in GB.

lvcreate -L 60G -n home VGname

Your Logical Volume should be setup now.  You can list all your Logical Volumes with