How to Disable the Bandwidth Server on Mikrotik/RouterOS

The Bandwidth test tool can be helpful to test speed between Mikrotik routers. But you can disable it if you don’t need it.

From Winbox

From Winbox click on Tools > BTest Server > Disable > OK

From Command Line

From the command line you can disable the bandwidth server by running the following command.

/tool/bandwidth-server/set enabled=no

If you are still on RouterOS 6.x use

/tool bandwidth-server set enabled=no

Enable Bandwidth test

If you need to enable the bandwidth server again, just change enabled=no to enabled=yes

/tool bandwidth-server set enabled=yes

Run iperf speed test on Linux

Install iperf

sudo yum install iperf3

Launch server with

iperf3 -s 

If you want you can have it bind on a certain interface which can be useful in some causes if you have multiple IP addresses on the system. The IP address is the local address of the machine.

iperf3 -s -B

Note you may need to disable the firewall to allow access from the client

sudo systemctl stop firewalls

From the client computer install iperf and run it.

iperf3 -c