LibreNMS not able to ping device and can’t change device name

If your having issues in the LibreNMS web interface changing a devices IP address or you can’t add a new one because it says it can’t ping the device, it is probably because SELinux is causing issues.

As far as changing a devices ip address, it looks like SELinux is not allowing Apache write access to the /opt/librenms/rrd directory

Temporary fix is to run

setenforce 0

You can permenatly disable SElinux by opening up “/etc/selinux/config” and changing “SELINUX=enforcing” to “SELINUX=disabled” and rebooting.


Renaming of x.x.x.x failed . Does your web server have permission to modify the rrd files?

It looks like there may be a bug where you’ll try to change the IP of a device and get the above error.  It looks like the issue has something to do with the ip address.  If your trying to change the IP on a router that has multiple IP addresses, try a different address in LibreNMS.


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