cPanel Logs

How to view the logs

There are multiple ways to view log files, here are some common ways.

tail the log, shows the 10 most recent log entries.

tail /var/log/messages

tail the log and keep monitoring it for new entries.

tail -f /var/log/messages

Find specific info in log file

cat /var/log/messages | grep texttosearch

cPanel Log Paths

Main log


Access logs


Access logs for a specific domain


Account Transfers/miscellaneous logs


Auditing Log (Account creation and deletions)


Backup Logs




DNSAdmin, DNS Clustering


Task Queue Processing Daemon




Easy Apache Build logs


Error logs


License log


local database modifications


Login errors CPSRVD


Bandwidth History


Service Status Logs


Tailwatch log


Update Analysis Reporting


Update log UPCP


cPanel Email Logs


Horde log




Squirrel Mail


Panic log


Delivery and receipt log


Incoming mail queue


Log of messages rejected based on ACLS or other policies


Unexpected/Fatal error log


IMAP, POP login attempts, transactions, fatal errors and spam scoring





MySQL error log


MySQL slow query log (if enabled in my.cnf)


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