How to Install a ZenPack in Zenoss 5

Log into your Zenoss server via ssh.

ssh root@zenossserver

Create working direcotry

 mkdir /tmp/zenpack && cd /tmp/zenpack/

Now upload the ZenPack to “/tmp/zenpack/” on your Zenoss server with your favorite ftp tool.

Stop the Zenoss service

serviced service stop zenoss.core

Restart the services needed to import the ZenPack i.e. the following.


You can start all of them with the following commands

serviced service start ZooKeeper
serviced service start mariadb 
serviced service start RabbitMQ
serviced service start redis
serviced service start zeneventserver 
serviced service start Zope

Install ZenPack with the following command

serviced service run zope zenpack install

Restart Zenoss

serviced service restart zenoss.core

Log into Zenoss and make sure that it is working right.

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