Unable to prune transport Rsync Incremental Backup – WHM/cPanel

For some reason I keep getting an alert about the transport failing to prune the incremental backups. Shows “ssh slave failed: timed out”

Going to the backup server shows that the directories have been pruned. This makes the alert a bit confusing.

It appears that others are experiencing the same problem.



You can check the backup log to see if it gives you any errors or ideas on what the problem is. Replace {currentdate} with the date of the log file you want.


One thing to try is to increase the time out on the

In WHM, go to Backup -> Backup Configuration -> Additional Destinations -> Your Destination
Scroll down to the bottom and enter a higher timeout value

Setting cPanel remote transport timeout

One user said they patched the rsync.pm file. Looks like there may be a 30 second timeout for rsync, so maybe increasing that would help.


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