Oxidized Error “OpenSSL::PKey::PKeyError with msg “dh#set_pqg= is incompatible with OpenSSL 3.0”

Looks like the issue has something to do with net-ssh. There are some other similar errors people were having.


The easy way to resolve the issue is to install oxidized using git.


Make sure rake is installed

sudo dnf install rake
sudo apt install rake

Install Oxidized from Git

Steps were copied from here. https://github.com/ytti/oxidized#build-from-git

You should be able to copy and paste these commands in the users home directory.

git clone https://github.com/ytti/oxidized.git
cd oxidized/
gem install bundler
rake install

After it is installed, restart the service

systemctl restart oxidized

Or continue on installing and with LibreNMS

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