LibreNMS Devices Disappeared from Web Interface

What do you do when all your devices disappear from the web interface?

Everything still appears to be working. Alerts work.

Running a MySQL command to check if the devices are in the database returns all the devices

mysql -u librenms -p librenms -e 'use librenms ; select hostname,sysName,status from devices where status=1'

If we try going to /addhost we are greeted with an Error You have insuffecient permissions to view this page.

Running ./validate.php returns everything good

Potentially it could be an issue with SElinux or with Apache/NGinx


audit2why < /var/log/audit/audit.log

Doesn’t return anything

No errors pop up in the Logs

Could be something happened with the LibreNMS user.

Test a different LibreNMS user and all the devices show up.

We’ve now isolated the issue to being something with out user.

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