Radeon RX 5600 XT – Hashrate and Power Consumption

These are the average RX 5600 XT hashrate I have been getting while mining Ethereum.


RX 5700 brand MSI


Cost New (NewEgg)
October 2020: ~$400
February 2021: Unavailable. Similar models $849 – $1000

Cost Used (eBay)
February 2021: $530 – $700

Status: Unavailable… Pretty much everywhere…

Hasrate and Power Consumption

Ethereum Ethash Hashrate

Note that apparently there are some 5600 XT’s that don’t do as well mining and end up getting mid 30mhs

Power Consumption
Average = ~98 W

Core: 1400
Mem : 900

Average Mhs Per Watt : 0.39/Mhs
Average Watts Per Mhs: 2.45 W

Profitability is about $5/day as of February 9, 2021


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