Obtain and Decrypt Cambium WiFi Router Password

By default the passwords are “encrypted” so you can not tell what the password is.

No way to view cnPilot WiFi password in the Web UI

We covered decrypting the passwords from the config file from cambium cloud. But what about a local router that is not connected to the cloud. What then?

Thankfully everything you need is on the router. We’ll need to use the command line tools.

1. Enable SSH

First verify that SSH is enabled.

Enable SSH n cnPilot

2. SSH into router

You may need to specify the “diffie-hellman-group1” option if it throws an error.

ssh admin@ -o KexAlgorithms=+diffie-hellman-group1-sha1

3. Extract Encrypted WiFi Password from config

The config file is stored in “etc/cambium/bkup-config.txt”

cat etc/cambium/bkup-config.txt | grep 

This should dump the encrypted password(s).

Example Output.


4. Decrypt WiFi Password

Now we can decrypt the password. Replace the string at the end with the encrypted string

3des_hex -d c760ba8ffe65c669

It should now display the decrypted password

# 3des_hex -d c760ba8ffe65c669

Note that it puts the # symbol after the password and if you try to type something in, it clears the line. you can use the following to have cleaner output.

echo $(3des_hex -d c760ba8ffe65c669 )

That will print the password on it’s own line

# echo $(3des_hex -d c760ba8ffe65c669 )

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