Not able to remove ZenPack – Zenoss 5

Ran into an issue where I was not able to list the installed ZenPacks and Zenoss was having issues starting. I think it was due to a ZenPack having issues and not being installed properly.

Drop into the container

serviced service shell -i -s FixZenpack zope bash

Change user and cd to ZenPack directory

su zenoss
cd /opt/zenoss/ZenPacks

Once there, remove the offending ZenPack. Replace ZENPACK.egg with the ZenPack

rm -rf ./ZENPACK.egg


rm -rf ./ZenPacks.zenoss.MikroTik-1.1.1.egg

Exit out of the container.


You can also hit ctrl+d twice.
Commit the Container

 serviced service shell -i -s FixZen zope bash

Restart the Zenoss.Core Service

service service restart Zenoss.Core

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