Install NetworkMiner on Kali Linux

The Network Miner tool is a handy little utility that works great on Windows. It sorta works on Linux. Doesn’t appear to be able to read the traffic coming off the interface, but you can drag and drop a pcap file on it. You can export a pcap file from wireshark, but it needs to be a pcap, not the newer default pcap Wireshark defaults to. Can change it in the “Save as:”

Install Prerequisites

sudo apt install mono-devel

Download and Configure

wget -O /tmp/
sudo unzip /tmp/ -d /opt/
cd /opt/NetworkMiner*
sudo chmod +x NetworkMiner.exe
sudo chmod -R go+w AssembledFiles/
sudo chmod -R go+w Captures/

Should be ready to launch.

Launch Network Miner

mono /opt/NetworkMiner*/NetworkMiner.exe
Network Miner on Kali Linux

Further Thoughts and Reading

You could potentially get a live view of what is going on by using the “Receive Pcap over IP”

Maybe use something like

tcpdump -i wlan0 | nc localhost 57014

The following links should help and provide more information.

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