Radio Connectors

List of Common Cable connectors and what they are typically used for.

  • sma (small radio connect, Kenwood antennas)
  • rp-sma (WiFi sma connector, WiFi router antennas, Ubiquiti antennas etc.)
  • RG59 (Older TV systems)
  • RG6 (TV, Dish and Direct TV Satellite)
  • BNC (Security Cameras)
  • N Type (Used on larger WeBoost systems)
  • PL-259-G / SO-239 (VHF/UHF Mobile radio connectors)


Plugs into a SO-239 connector.  Typically is used in radio communications, like Kenwood Mobile radios.

Remove AirControl provisioning from Ubiquiti radio via SSH

Short version

List AirControl server(s)


Remove from AirControl Server

mca-provision-rm http://server-address


Expanded Steps

First you’ll need to SSH into your radio


ssh ubnt@

Next run “mca-provision-list” to list the connection(s) the radio has, or is trying to connect to.  If you have had the radio connected to multiple AirControl servers it will show more than one entry.


XM.v6.1.3# mca-provision-list
unknown @ -

To remove, run “mca-provision-rm” with the AirControl address.  You can simple use the “http://server-ip”, shouldn’t have to worry about the port number/AC2/report.


XM.v6.1.3# mca-provision-rm
Found 1 entries matching '':
Removing: unknown @ ...
Found Backup1 on[1] ...
Found Active on[2] ...
Storing Active[1] ... [%100]
Active->Backup[2] ... [%100]