PlayMaker camera fade in/out blinks after fade is complete – Unity

Looks that the issue has something to do with the fade event not being on the camera directly. Work around is to create a FSM on the main camera to fade in when the scene starts, have a bool that gets turned to true when the scene ends. Then the FSM on the camera fades out.

Example FSM on the main player camera

How To Install Ubiquiti AirVision on Debain 7.5

Download the airVision Debian deb from Ubiquiti’s website.

Next upload the airvision.deb file to your server.

Install prerequisites

apt-get install openjdk-7-jre-headless

Install airVision

dpkg -i unifi-video_3.0.8~Debian7_amd64.deb

Once it finishes installing open up a web browser and go to https://yourserverip:7443 to finish setting up the controller